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We're in the Business
of Building Businesses.

HomeBrew helps your small business move from idea to reality with a web platform housing a full suite of powerful development tools.

App Suite


File Storage

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen.

And we can help make your business great too, with HomeBrew's full suite of small business development tools. Hosting a suite of applications specifically designed for small businesses and a custom business consultant powered by artificial intelligence, HomeBrew is the final word in starting and managing your small business. 


HomeBrew's Services

HomeBrew is a multi-faceted platform and is specially designed to reduce the uncertainty that every small business owner feels when starting their company. Take a look below at HomeBrew's offerings.

The Espresso Suite

An applications suite packed with tools specifically made for small businesses and startups.

A Business-Backed File Management System

A responsive file storage system to keep the Espresso Suite and all other company files organized.

An AI-Powered Small Business Consultant

BizBrew: Your go-to AI small business consultant designed specifically for the startup founder of the 21st Century.

Build a Business Better

Starting a business is a daunting challenge. Managing finances, determining market fit, and establishing a product requires a ton of perseverance and motivation, not to mention a plethora of tools. Because of this, many first-time small business owners are faced with a great deal of uncertainty.


With HomeBrew, we hope a great deal of uncertainty can be removed. By optimizing core business development tools for small businesses and bundling them with a powerful AI business consultant, HomeBrew is the first step into turning your business idea into a business reality. Here at HomeBrew, we're in the business of building businesses. 

What Our Clients Say

"Homebrew is awesome! They've helped us grow by providing valuable insights and personalized attention. Highly recommended for small businesses!"

Leah Breyer, Ratacted

"HomeBrew has been with us since the start and has helped massively when easing our uncertainty. You can tell that they care about every customer they work with."

Brendan Kraft, Alto Lusso 

"HomeBrew has been an invaluable resource as I was starting Perenne Lawncare. Their small business management tools have allowed me to grow my company at a much faster pace."

Bennett Butler, Perenne Lawn Care

We're Constantly Developing & Improving our Products

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